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What is Bouldering?

Fun, pure, challenging

Bouldering is one of the purest forms of rock climbing - without ropes or harnesses - but only on shorter heights, usually around 5m. Thick foam bouldering mats also keep you safe from any falls!

Because of the way bouldering climbs are set it is a fun and challenging experience for both brand new climbers and experienced ones too.

The only equipment required for bouldering are climbing shoes and some chalk to keep your hands dry.

COVID-19 Update

We open Wednesday 11th November!

Global pandemics suck right!?

But we've proven that together we can achieve amazing things. 

To reopen safely we have a COVIDSafe plan with a few things to remember when you come in for your climbing session.

With the loosening restrictions we are currently updating our bookings and information so please be patient and look out for the latest info!

About Boulder Project

Community, music and movement

Boulder Project is the first climbing gym located in the inner-south of Melbourne.

It has been designed to deliver a unique climbing experience that reflects the strong social, fitness, and music culture of the Prahran area.

Boulder Project is a place that you can challenge yourself, meet like-minded people and always feel welcome. 

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Boulder Project

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