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Liability Waiver

  1. I am, or my legal guardian is, aged 18 years or over and can be deemed legally competent to sign this agreement.

  2. I warrant that I am aged 16 years or older.

  3. I understand that indoor rock climbing involves risks which may cause various injuries that may result in death or serious disability. I understand that indoor climbing is physically demanding and in susceptible people may cause panic, hyperventilation or heart attack. I wish to participate and voluntarily assume the risk of injury or bodily harm to myself.

  4. I hereby release and indemnify Bolder Project Australia Pty Ltd and subsidiaries and associated bodies as defined under the Corporations Law (Cth) ("Boulder Project"), its servants and agents, the owner of the premises and any other persons involved in my participation in indoor climbing at Boulder Project from all actions or claims for compensation arising from my participation for personal injury, damage or loss of property.

  5. I agree this waiver is ongoing and will apply to all future occasions I participate in indoor climbing at Boulder Project.

  6. I acknowledge that this document is contractual and may be relied upon any proceedings by me, my heirs, executors and assigns, and this waiver release and indemnity is given in consideration of Boulder Project permitting me to participate in indoor climbing at Boulder Project.

  7. I agree to comply with all instructions given to me by Boulder Project relating to my participation in indoor climbing. I agree to indemnify Boulder Project, its servants and agents and the owner of the premises against all liability that may incur, including legal costs, caused by my negligence or failure to comply with such instructions.

  8. I warrant that I do not suffer from any medical condition that may affect my ability to participate safely in strenuous exercise. I acknowledge that I am responsible for knowing my own physical limitations and will ensure the safe use of equipment.

  9. We're proud of our venues and our community. I consent to photos or videos taken of me as a climber at Boulder Project venues from time to time. The images and recording(s) may be used in various media formats including online and social media. I waive any rights and claims to any benefits in connection with the use of the images.

  10. I warrant not to participate in climbing while affected by alcohol and/or drugs and I understand that participating in any activities at Boulder Project after I have consumed any alcohol and/or drugs will remove any and all liability from Boulder Project Australia Pty Ltd, its directors, employees, volunteers, agents and businesses.

  11. My attendance at Boulder Project establishes my understanding of these conditions and also confirms my responsibility in choosing to participate in climbing at Boulder Project.

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