Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to your safety

The team at Boulder Project are so excited to welcome you all back into the gym - we understand the itch to finally get our hands on some holds!

To ensure your safety amidst the pandemic, we have implemented a few changes in line with the COVID-19 restrictions. We appreciate your patience and cooperation whilst they are put in place. 

Below is a comprehensive list of all changes and what they will mean for you.

The Headlines

Opening Hours

We’re open 12pm-10pm Monday to Friday, and on weekends we’re open 10am-6pm.




We're allowing walk-ins at the moment but we recommend booking a session before arriving at our gym. Bookings will be available online. Book here.


Not a Member?


Members and casual entrants who have created an account and booked a climbing session with us online are welcome!

Sessions & Booking

Bookings & Walk-ins

With the change in restrictions, walk ins are welcome! 

So that you can get climbing on arrival we encourage booking and paying for your session ahead of time, just select the approximate time you want to start your climbing session - and climb for as long as you want!

We have introduced some new weekday pricing:

Daytime sessions on weekdays run from 12pm till 4:30PM and are $15 for a casual pass

Evening sessions on weekdays run from 4:30pm till 10pm and are $20 for a casual pass

Rescheduling or Cancelling a Booking

You can manage your bookings through you account on the website or download the app onto your mobile phone.


Entering the Gym

Contact Tracing


Yes, we will need you to sign in using a QR code provided by Service Victoria upon entry.


No Cash Payments Accepted


We are currently 100% cashless, and only accept card payments.


Furry Friends


Yes, you may bring your pets with you!

Equipment & Facilities



For the time being, we encourage the use of liquid chalk. We sell liquid chalk in the gym.


Shoe Hire


Yes shoe hire is available, all of our rental shoes are disinfected with anti-viral and anti-bacterial spray.


Gym Area


Yes, the strength and conditioning area is open for use, you are required to wipe down each piece of equipment after you’re done. There will be disinfectant wipes available in the gym area.


Shower Facilities


We have re-opened our shower facilities, but please adhere to the density limit signs on the lavatory doors.




Yes, you can use your membership to book 1 climbing session per day.


+1 Guest per Month Member Benefit


Yes, members may bring a friend once per month.