your kids bouldering

Kids Climbing at Boulder Project

Bouldering brings out the kid in all of us. With the constant problem solving, getting up high and just hanging around, it’s just about the most fun you can have indoors.


We’re very excited to share that kids (actual kids) between aged 10-16 can now climb at our gym with the presence of a legal guardian. And kids aged 16+ can climb with a waiver signed by their parents or guardian.

Why take your kids bouldering?

Bouldering increases strength, flexibility, endurance, problem solving, planning and decision making; especially for young, developing minds.


Climbing also helps build confidence, self-esteem and improves mind-body connection – all in the name of play.


Is it safe?


We have thick and soft crash mats that protect against falls of all kinds, providing a safe environment for your kids to play, explore their limits and challenge themselves.

Can schools bring students?

You bet!

Climbing is a great avenue for student engagement through active learning, and for developing positive character traits such as courage and diligence.

We have created a program catered towards schools, with group deal bookings available as

per the section below.


Kids Climbing Classes

This class is tailored for kids and teaches the basics of bouldering, introduces new techniques and helps them overcome mindset barriers in their climbing journey.


How much pocket money?

Regular little monkeys:

$15 off-peak

$18 peak


Groups of little monkeys:

10+ kids $15 ea. off-peak

20+ kids $12.50 ea. off-peak


Off-peak - 12pm-4:30pm

Peak - 4:30pm - 10pm


So what are you waiting for? Get the family together for your kid's first climb!


Bookings for groups of 10 or more please call

0480 389 626