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Boulder bootcamp by Climb Mechanics

Limited to just 20 people, so book your spot right away!

Learn to climb with control, confidence and creativity. Climb Mechanics are bringing a new three-hour technique workshop to Boulder Project.

We will explore the fundamentals of climbing technique in a fun and collaborative session. This workshop is suitable for beginner to intermediate climbers.

The workshop is limited to just 20 participants and will be instructed by at least two Climbing Mechanics coaches.

As a Boulder Bootcamper you will have lifetime access to a members-only online portal where you can access video content and participate in discussions of all things climbing.

You will also be provided with a downloadable workbook which details everything that is covered in the workshop.

*If for any reason a workshop has fewer than 10 participants it may be postponed

Keep an eye out on this page for the next bootcamp coming in 2023!

What will I learn?

  • Climbing shoes & how to use them 

  • Climbing holds & how to use them safely 

  • Drills for developing good footwork habits 

  • Hip position & weight transfers 

  • Flagging 

  • Rockovers 

  • Heel hooks 

  • Route reading 

  • Deadpointing 

  • Dynamic movements

Your Coaches


Justin Foo

Justin has been a personal trainer for 10 years. In addition to strength and conditioning he also specialises in injury prevention, rehabilitation and nutrition. Justin has been a boulderer for 13 years, in the last 6 years he realised that climbing more does not equal climbing stronger. Leading him to apply what he knew through his work into his own climbing training. Justin runs climbing workshops and one-on-one climbing coaching through Climb Mechanics.


Garry Williams

Garry (a.k.a. Coach Garry) started as a sport and trad climber 15 years ago but has fallen in love with bouldering and analysing climbing technique. His previous life as a biomedical researcher means he loves geeking out about muscle physiology and biomechanics. His favourite feeling comes from the process of achieving something that at first seems impossible and coaching other climbers to do the same.


Hakan Akkus

Hakan has a background in exercise science and is a personal trainer.

Hakan has 15 years experience in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, mobility and movement quality.

Climbing for more than 6 years, he draws on his extensive personal training experience to help climbers increase their strength, movement, mobility and overall performance.

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