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Blake Kagan

Blake is a seasoned boulderer with 5 years of experience who's passionate about dynamic movement and the all-encompassing physical experience that climbing offers. As a private bouldering coach, he provides tailored coaching sessions to help clients achieve their climbing goals.


Blake's coaching approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the physical and mental aspects of bouldering, addressing each client's unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether a beginner or an experienced climber, Blake's expertise, dedication, and passion can help clients develop the skills and confidence needed to tackle challenging boulder problems. He takes a supportive and encouraging approach to coaching, and his commitment to helping you succeed is as strong as his love for the sport.

What you can expect:

For clients of all ages and fitness levels:
- Headspace and mental conditioning

- Engaging drills

- Dynamic movement and technique development

- Beginner to intermediate level coaching

- Personalised training sessions

- Boulder projecting

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